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Loan Against Policy

A life insurance policy is designed to provide financial cover to your family. But now your insurance plan can also help you raise funds when you need it through a loan against insurance policy. A life insurance policy from LIC or other reputed private insurers is one of the securities you can use as a collateral to take a loan. How much loan can I get against my insurance policy? You can get a loan against insurance policy starting at Rs 2 lakh, and up to 80% of the surrender value of the policy you pledge. What do I need to do to get a loan against LIC policy? The original policy document, address, ID and income proof. We will inform you about details like loan eligibility, tenure and interest.

Loan Against NSC (National Savings Certificate)

Loan against NSC or NSC loan has accumulated wider attention nowadays for their easy availability and security reasons. Due to their lower interest rates and low-risk factor, Loan against NSC from The post office is the safest option available in the market


What are the National savings certificate?

National Savings Certificate, shortened to NSC is Government initiative wherein you have the facility to open fixed-income investment with any post office. It is a tax saving investment that enables the small and middle-level investors to save on income tax while investing in it.

There are two fixed maturity periods available in the NSC – 5 years and 10 years. Certificates under the VIII issue mature in 5 years while the certificates under the IX issue mature in 10 years.

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How to use NSC as security for loans?

National Savings Certificate (NSC) can be used to avail of the Loan facility as well. Advanced by the Government of India, NSC is the safest option to be used against loans as in terms of collateral/security. Banks can easily provide loans to ones with National Savings Certificate holders and since the rates of interest in NSC remain the same at the time of issue, they are in accordance with the policies in place in a banks and co-operative society’s.


benefit 1

Minimum Documents and No hidden charges.

benefit 2

Quick disbursements

benefit 3

No foreclosure charges

benefit 4

less security

The individual must be an Indian citizen. An individual applying for a loan should be at least 18 years old. Investments can be made with another adult or individuals can buy an NSC on behalf of a minor

Documents required for obtaining a Loan against NSC